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An E-mail forum for the discussion of Biblical Hebrew

Learn Hebrew via the Internet

Learn Hebrew Online
Foundation Stone: Hebrew Tutorial Online and Rosetta Stone Download Page
Search the Hebrew Old Testament
A combination of a Strong's Concordance, an Interlinear and an Englishman's Hebrew Concordance, plus commentaries.
Interlinear with Strong’s Concordance Numbers
Hebrew Lexicon
BlueThread: "…a neutral site to study torah, Mitzvot, and their meaning to Reformed Jews" and the Jewish Web Ring
Bluethread: A Hebrew Bibliography
Bluethread: Hebrew Glossary

Bluethread: Amateur Hebrew Scholarship

Hebrew Text of the Tanach & Commentaries 

Torah Study
Jewish Education via Real Audio
Project Genesis: Torah on the Information Superhighway
Navigating the Jewish Bible II Online Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutor 

Bible Software for handheld computers - Olive Tree Bible Software

Miscellaneous Hebrew-Torah-Israeli Sites
Shop In
Shamash - The Jewish Internet Consortium
Reform Judaism Famous Jews Interactive   The Peach Encyclopedia
Union of American Hebrew Congregations & Hebrew Resources
The Jerusalem Perspective
Orthodox Union
Virtual Jerusalem
Dafyomi Advancement Forum
Hebrew Search Engine

Hebrew World: Learn modern & Biblical Hebrew with multimedia, software & books



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