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Filtered Internet Service Providers

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Filtered Internet Providers can keep you safe as your surf the Internet. 
They will not allow you to have access to inappropriate sites.

Ultimate Accountability: "Covenant Eyes" will maintain a record of all your Internet travels and will even e-mail it to someone   Internet Danger   Addiction Signs

Online Safety Parents' Guides: Safe   Cyber Angels   Get Net Wise   Yahooligans Guide

Internet Traffic Report: See if it is just your ISP or the Internet that is slow.

Please Report Broken Links  Site Updated Nov 11, 2015
ISPs providing server-based filtered internet are:
Filtering software to install on your computer
8e6 Technologies 888-STOP-XXX
Arlington Browser Shield  
Cyber Patrol
Cyber Sentinel 
Cyber Sitter 

Net Nanny  800-340-7177 
Safe Eyes  877-944-8080
Surf Control 
We Blocker 480-609-9277
Wise Choice.Net 912-738-9927 No matter what ISP you use
        Wise Choice can provide you with server-based type filtering for your existing ISP account.

Search Engines that provide some safety
Ask Jeeves for Kids 
AltaVista Family Filter 

Tiny computer chips are now on products you purchase.

Alien Technology Corp  RFID  Radio-Frequency Identification Chips

Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering CASPIAN
Insurance Companies are seeking information about your grocery shopping

A grocery store chain will now only give the sale prices to those customers who use their unique grocery store card. The use of the card connects every purchase at the grocery store with the customer's name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. This type of information collection is kind of like having a web cam focused on your dining room table, broadcasting what you eat. Another chain has met so much customer resistance, that the checkout clerks will use their own card to provide the sale prices to customers who want to maintain a little privacy. 

US Mail: "...recommended the use of sender identification for every piece of mail.."
President's Commission on the United States Postal Service

Anonymous Web provides some privacy, shields your IP address while surfing.

Internet Privacy Advocate: Network Solutions - Protect your domain registration and prevent spam e-mail

Computer Security & Safety Information

Center for Democracy & Technology

Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association

Federal Communications Commission 

The WildList Organization - Lists the the current computer viruses roaming the earth

Surveillance Software

Huko Kidsafe Locator - GPS tracking of your child via wristwatch, etc.

Computer Cop Scans a computer to see if it has been used inappropriately.
Cyber Snoop 
SpectorSoft for recording PC and Internet activity
Webroot's WinGuardian: logs visits & captures keystrokes in Windows programs



Search for "Filtered Internet" in Focus on the Family's Search Option

Worldwide Listings of Internet Service Providers
The Directory - 13,000 ISP's
The List - The Definitive ISP Buyer's Guide

Please note that Stones Cry Out does not guarantee any of the services.  It is the person's responsibility to research the ISP prior to choosing the provider.

Reasons why you should be cautious when surfing the Internet:

Protect yourself from $20.00 a minute phone charges! Be careful when deleting spam e-mail. If you click on a link in the e-mail, it might disconnect your modem from your Internet Service Provider and cause your computer to dial a 900 or 700 phone number belonging to an inappropriate web site. You would then see a large charge on your phone bill. If you try calling to protest the charge, the company may require you to give your name and address before they will even talk to you about the charge. Once they have your name and address, they may also say you should not have visited an inappropriate web site. Then if you do not pay the charge, you might face a collection agency. But consider, if you have automatic billing payment deducting money from your checking account, you would have already paid the bill before you even learned about the charge. Would you spend time and money trying to recover $20 or $40? Would there be any chance of recovering it? Millions of people may just pay a small charge to rid themselves of the hassles of a collection agency and the risk of a bad credit rating.

You might ask, How would this ever happen to me? Have you ever had one of your young children check the e-mail account for new mail? They might click on the wrong spot when trying to delete an unwanted e-mail. Aggressive web sites will even place shortcut icons on your desktop and even in your list of favorites or bookmarks. You created your favorite list and you probably use it with confidence quickly going to certain web sites. If you are not expecting an "inserted" favorite, you might click on the link and have undesirable consequences. If a hacker hijacks a respected web site and manages to change a few of the links for just one hour, then possibly thousands of people could have ended up at an undesirable site encountering malicious software. Paying bills the old fashion way by check might protect your checking account balance and keep one of your checks from bouncing due to insufficient funds. 

If someone receives a percentage of the money made through a $20 a minute 900 phone number scam, then all he has to do is to "breakdown" with his old car and ask to use your phone to call a tow truck or his friend. Or he could break into a home, make a phone call placing the receiver on the counter and walk out without anything in his hands.  

Immediately place 900 and 700 call blocks on all your telephone lines.
For further protection, you could also cancel your long distance option and use a 5-cents-a-minute prepaid phone card for your long distance. That way your phone bill will be the same every month.

If you want suggestions on the steps to fight fraud charges, e-mail


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